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This additional information will help to make sure we try to speak to a representative sample of the patients that are registered at this practice.

Are You


What age are you


To help us ensure our contact list is representative of our local community please indicate which of the following ethnic background you would most closely identify with




Asian or Asian British


Black or Black British


Chinese or other ethnic Group


How would you describe how often you come to the practice


Please respond to how you agree with the following statements: 1 being ‘Strongly Disagree’ and 5 being ‘Strongly Agree’

Before the appointment

When you called the practice, the person who answered the phone was prompt


Your check in process was efficient.


The reception staff were polite and able to answer your questions.


The appointment

The clinician staff were friendly to you.


All of your questions/concerns were answered by your doctor/Nurse Practitioner.


Your wait time for the appointment you received was reasonable.


How long were you waiting for


Other (please specify)

Which doctor/Nurse was your appointment with

After the appointment

Overall, you were satisfied with your experience at the clinic today.



Our prescription request service

Do you receive your prescription within the agreed timescale of 48 hours when collecting from the surgery/ 72 when collecting from a chemist


How do you rate the ease of ordering a prescription by our website


Booking an appointment

How do you rate the ease of booking an appointment


How do you rate the variety of appointment time available for booking


How easy do you find it to cancel an appointment at the surgery


When speaking to the GP, nurse or receptionist do you feel sufficient checks are made to maintain your confidentiality

When requesting results


When requesting information


Before starting a consultation


When in reception


Any other comment Comments

This survey is now closed