Dear Patient,

Thank you for agreeing to being part of the core group of patients which we will use occasionally for suggestions and ideas about the services we provide. This is an important part of our Patient Participation Group.

We are planning our next patient survey and to ensure we ask the right questions, we would like to know what you think should be our key priorities when developing the services we provide.

What do you think we should focus on? What do you think are the most important issues on which we should consult our patients? Are there any services you would like at the surgery that we do not currently provide?

Q1. What is the MOST important issue for you as a patient (you may tick more than one box)


Q2. What is the LEAST important issue for you as a patient


Q3. Is there anything else you feel is important and would like to raise at this time?

I will be formulating a survery for the whole practice population for distribution early in the New Year based on these results.

Thank you for your time.