Thank you for agreeing to take this short survey as part of the patient participation group to help our practice to improve the patient information available on our waiting room noticeboards.

Please answer all of the questions and click send when you have finished.

Q1. Did you know that there are noticeboards in the surgery waiting room displaying information for patients?


Q2. If you said yes to Q1 - do you read the information displayed on the noticeboards whilst waiting to be seen?


Q3. Is the information on the noticeboards easy to read and displayed clearly?


Q4. Would you like to see the noticeboards dedicated to a particular topic once a month, for example, Diabetes one month/Asthma the next month etc?


Q5 What other information do you think could be displayed on the patient noticeboards?

Q6 What other practice issues are important to you? ( for future patient surveys)?

Thank you again for completing the survey.