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Q1. When did you last see a Doctor at your GP Practice?


Q2. How do you prefer to book your appointment?


Q3. Last time you rang the surgery how many minutes did it take you to get through to the receptionist

Q4. Are you aware that you are able to pre-book an appointment with a Doctor or Practice Nurse more than 2 days in advance?


Q5, If you answered Yes to the above question, did you having any difficulty booking the appointment?



Q6. If you have needed to see a Doctor urgently, have you managed to get an appointment the same day?


Q7. If you are currently in work can you get time off for Doctors appointments?


Q8. Do you prefer appointments:


Q9. How would you rate the treatment you received from the Doctor at the Surgery


Q10. How would you rate the treatment you received from the Practice Nurse at the Surgery


Q11. How helpful do you find the receptionists at the surgery?


To help us understand your answers it would be helpful to know the following;

1. Do you live alone


2. Which surgery are you registered with:


3. How do you get to the surgery


4. Would you find it easier if you could be seen at either site Barwell or Hollycroft


5. Do you have any long standing illness e.g. Diabetes, Asthma, Heart Disease etc


If you answered Yes or Not Sure please state your illness

How do you feel the Practice manages your illness


How would you rate the surgery premises


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Are there any services that you would like us to provide in the surgery? Or do you belong to any local groups that we could add the details to our Website?


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This survey is now closed