Dear Patient,

Many thanks for agreeing to take this short survey to help our practice understand how our appointment system can be improved, if at all.

Please answer all of the questions and click Send when you are done.

Q1: When did you last see your GP?


Q2: How easy was it to get an appointment for the time and day you wanted?


Q3: Are you happy for your doctor to review your request for a same day appointment by telephone to ensure you receive the most appropriate care?


Q4: Would you prefer more appointments to be available on the same day of booking (rather than bookable in advance)?


Q5: How helpful would you find it to be able to book a telephone consultation with your own doctor more easily?


Q6: You have been able to book appointments with your GP up to 2 months in advance for several years. How useful do you find this?


Q7: Do you know which days of the week your GP is available?


Q8: Are you aware we have a practice leaflet and practice website ( www.crewkernehc.co.uk ) which contain this information?


Many thanks for your time in answering the questions on this survey.