Improving Practice Questionnaire

Your level of satisfaction with the practice's opening hours


Ease of contacting the practice on the telephone


Satisfaction with the day and time arranged for your appointment


Opportunity to see a doctor within 48 hours for urgent appointments


Comfort level of waiting room (e.g. chairs, magazines, noise, call system working well etc.)


Respect shown for your privacy and confidentiality


Length of time waiting in the practice to see a health care professional


The manner in which you were treated by the reception staff


Information provided by the practice about its services (e.g. repeat prescriptions, test results cost of private certificates etc.)


The opportunity for making compliments or complaints to this practice about its service and quality of care


The information provided by this practice about how to prevent illness and stay healthy (e.g. alcohol use, health risk of smoking, diet habits etc.) was….


The availability and administration of reminder systems for ongoing health checks is…


My overall satisfaction with this general practice


Any comments about how we could improve our service to patients?

Any comments about how the doctor or nurse could improve the service they provide to you?

Any other comments about the practice?