patient survey July 2021

Have you ever booked an appointment by non-traditional methods, such as telephone, video, Ask NHS or e-Consult?


If you said no to Q1 would you like to in the future?


Have you ever had a phone or video consultation? (if yes, was before or since the start of the pandemic)

If the answer to Q3 was yes, how would you rate your phone consultation?


If the answer to Q3 was yes, how would you rate your video consultation?


Were you able to resolve all your concerns during these consultations?


If you had issues (including any issues with technology), please explain

Would you be happy to be offered a video or phone consultation, where appropriate, for future appointments?


If you answered yes. to Q6, what % of your appointments would you consider using a telephone or video consultation for?

If booking a video or telephone appointment, would you prefer these to be:


Thinking about your needs, would you prefer it if appointments were…


We would like to try and tailor our appointment types and times to the needs of our patients, how would you best describe your employment status?


Do you have a mobile phone?


Do you have access to the internet at home?


.Would you say that you are confident in using technology, such as the internet for a video appointment


Please let us know of your age