Family Planning Clinic - North Preston Medical Practice

REDUCING INFECTION SPREAD- Were you contacted the day before or on the day of the procedure to check whether you or any of your family member have been unwell or in contact or has been in contact with someone who is confirmed or suspected to have Covid-19 infection


REDUCING FOOTFALL- Were you instructed to attend alone unless you have a clinical need to be accompanied


ENSURING SOCIAL DISTANCING IN THE WAITING ROOM : Did you have any concern about maintaining social distance in the waiting room ?

PPE: Were the attending clinicians wearing PPE- scrubs, plastic apron, mask, gloves?


CLEANING: Did you feel the room was clean?


CHOICE: Were contraceptive choices discussed with you if appropriate


EXPLANATION: Was the procedure explained clearly and was an opportunity given to ask any questions?


CONSENT: Was written consent sought from you?


PROFESSIONAL : Did you feel the clinician and the assistants were professional?


RECOMMEND: Would you recommend the family planning clinic to friends and family?


SUGGESTION: How can we improve our service?