Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. It will help us to continue to improve our service, please answer the following questions and explain your answers.

EConsult Survey

1. Please tick which site you are registered at


2. Please select what age bracket you are in or if submitting an eConsult on behalf of someone else the age they are:


3. Please state your ethnicity here:

4. How many times have you used eConsult in the last 6 months?


5. How did you hear about eConsult?

6. Please describe your experience of using eConsult

7. Thinking back to before the Practice introduced eConsult do you think you have to wait a longer or shorter time to speak to a Clinician


8. Have you felt safe when accessing health care at your GP surgery during the pandemic?


9. If you have used the eConsult booking hub, please give us your feedback on the experience

10. Overall, do you prefer the service we offer now or prior to introducing eConsult. Please explain your answer