Northgate Medical Practice Primary Care Audiology And Hearing Aid Service

You have been asked to complete this questionnaire because you have been seen or referred to the Northgate Medical Practice Primary Care Audiology And Hearing Aid clinic.

Your feedback is extremely valuable and would be greatly appreciated, This is a service that has been set up in order to reduce the time that you have to wait to see an Audiologist, and to improve access to this service.

Your comments will help us to continue to develop and improve services, so please try to complete this as fully as possible. This questionnaire will remain anonymous and your subsequent treatments will not be affected by your response.

1. Once your GP had seen you, how long did you have to wait for your ENT appointment with the specialist?


2. Was this time:


3. Did you find it easy to get to the clinic for your appointment?


4. If No, why did you find this problematic? How could this be improved?

5. Were you seen on time?


6. If you were not seen at your appointment time, were you kept informed of why?


7. Did you feel that the time you spent with the Audiologist was long enough?


8. Did you feel that your appointment with the Audiologist was thorough enough?


9. Do you remember the name of your Audiologist?

10. Were you able to ask any questions throughout your appointment?


11. Were you happy with the explanations given to you during your appointment?


12. Taking everything into account, how would you rate the overall quality of care of the service you received?


13. In order for us to continue to improve & redesign services, we would be grateful for any further comments or suggestions that you might have on our community service:

14. It would help us to ensure that we have collected the views of all our patients if you could provide us with the following information: Are you:


15. Are you Male or Female?


Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.