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Long Term Conditions Review Survey

Which of the following long term conditions (LTCs) do you have?


What were the names of the staff who undertook your long term conditions review today?


PLEASE RATE: The instructions in the letter inviting me to attend were clear


PLEASE RATE: I knew what items I needed to bring to the appointment


PLEASE RATE: The Dr/Nurse/HCA had the required knowledge and skills to undertake my review


PLEASE RATE: I felt involved in decisions about my care


PLEASE RATE: The appointment was long enough


PLEASE RATE: I was given enough time to ask any questions


PLEASE RATE: The Dr/Nurse/HCA were able to answer any questions


PLEASE RATE: I had all my tests results explained to me


PLEASE RATE: I agreed a plan with the Dr/Nurse/HCA which will help me to manage my condition(s)


PLEASE RATE: I have been given a printed copy of the care plan


PLEASE RATE: I feel better informed about my long term condition(s)


PLEASE RATE: I feel more confident that I can manage issues arising from my long term condition(s)


PLEASE RATE: I know who to contact for further advice and support in the event of worries regarding my condition(s)


PLEASE RATE: If needed in the last 12 months, I have been able to get advice and/or support regarding my long term condition(s) with a doctor or nurse over the phone


Please rate your overall satisfaction with the long term condition review process at the Practice


Please add any further comments you would like us to be aware of regarding your LTC review

How old are you?


Are you Male or Female?


How many years have you been attending this Practice?


Are you aware we are on these media sites - NHS Choices, Facebook, Eve Hill website?


Are you aware you can comment on the Practice on the NHS Choices website?


Do you know about our Patient Participation Group?


This survey is now closed