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2019 Survey

When was your last general practice appointment? (Face to face or Telephone)


Who was it with?


Were you involved as much as you wanted to be in the decisions about your care and treatment during your appointment?


If no, please state why?

Do you feel the healthcare professional you saw or spoke to treated you with care and concern during the appointment?


If you answered no, please choose from the boxes below as to why? Otherwise select N/A


How would you like this to be improved? (If stated other, please also write reason down below)

Did you have confidence and trust in your healthcare professional you last saw or spoke to?


If no please state why

Overall, do you feel like your needs were met during your last general practice appointment?


If you have any long term condition(s), have you discussed with a healthcare professional how you want your condition(s) to be managed?


If yes, has an agreed plan in managing your condition(s) been made for you?


Has this plan been helpful?


In what ways can we improve the support from local services and organisations to help manage your long-term condition(s)?

Are you a parent or a legal guardian for any children under 16 years?


Are they up to date with their immunisations?


Do you feel like you know much about the immunisations given to your children?


Would you like the surgery to have an event where we discuss immunisations and their benefits?


Please add any other comment on your experience of Vassall Medical Centre

One voice can make a difference, and the person behind that voice could be YOU. Get involved with the Patient Participation Group. Would you like to get involved?


This survey is now closed