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Much Birch Surgery Patient Survey 2019

When did you last have an appointment at Much Birch Surgery?


How easy do you find it to get through on the phone?


How would you describe your experience of making appointments?


Please let us know if you go online or use the Patient Access App to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions or access your medical records?


When you have contacted the surgery for an appointment have you ever been directed to an alternative care provider? Please tick any that apply.


If so, did this resolve your reason for requesting a GP appointment?


How long do you usually wait for a non-urgent appointment with a GP?


Please specify if this is for a specific GP:

If you have needed to see a GP fairly quickly, were you able to see one on the same day or in the next two weekdays?


If you weren’t able to be seen during the next 2 weekdays that the GP surgery was open, why was that? Please tick all that apply


Other reason, please specify

If you did not take the appointment offered, did you


How do you rate your care and treatment by the GP’s?


How do you rate your care and treatment by the Practice Nurses?


How do you rate your care and treatment by other healthcare professionals at the practice?


Would you like the surgery to be open at other times?


Overall how do you rate your overall experience of Much Birch Surgery?


Have you used the extended hours GP service provided by Taurus?


Was this to see a GP or Nurse?


How do you rate the service provided by Taurus?


Are you male or female?


Please circle the age group you fall into


Which of these best describes what you are doing at present?


Do you have children under 16 living within your household?


Are you an unpaid carer for a friend or relative with a long term health condition?


This survey is now closed