We would be grateful if you would complete this patient participation survey about Dykes Hall Medical Centre and Deer Park Surgery. We want to ensure we are providing the highest standard of care. Your opinions are very valuable. Please answer ALL the questions you can. There are no right or wrong answers and your doctor will NOT be able to identify your individual answers. Thank you.

Q 1. Was the person you spoke to at the reception desk polite and helpful?


Q 2. Are you happy for the receptionist to ask you some basic questions about your problems so we can direct your call to the correct person, i.e. doctor/ advanced nurse practitioner?


Q 3. When ringing for an appointment and the line is busy would you like to be told where you are in the queue?


Q 4. Would you like to know how much time each month is lost with patients not attending?


Q 5. Do you feel the practice respects your wishes with regards to your personal details?


Q 6. Would you like a picture board of the staff and clinicians in the waiting room?


Q 7. Do you find the website more user friendly following it's re-vamp?


Q 8. Did you feel that the clinician understood and listened to you?


Q 9. Did you feel your problems were explained to your satisfaction?


Q 10. Does the clinician help you to feel involved in managing your care?


Q 11. Do you understand the role of the advanced nurse practitioner?


Q 12. Are you aware of the services that can be booked into the Hub clinics at different locations in Sheffield?


Q 13. Are you aware that you can register at the practice for online services, to make appointments and order prescriptions?


Q 14. Would you recommend the surgery to someone who has just moved into the area?


Q 15. In general are you satisfied with the care you receive at the practice?


Q 16. Which is your normal surgery?


Q 17. Are you:


Q 18. Age Group:


Q 19. How long have you been registered with the practice?


Q 20. Which of these best describes what you are doing at present?


Q 21. What is your ethnic group?