Patient Satifaction Survey

We are letting you know that we are in the process of changing how we deliver care to our patients in response to feedback we have received from you relating to frustrations with getting routine appointments and getting through to us on the phone.

To address these issues, we have expanded our clinical team which will allow us to increase the number of appointments we offer. This team will include Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Paramedic Practitioners, Clinical Pharmacists and Specialist Nurses. Our contact centre will ensure that you are signposted to the clinician who is best suited to deal with your specific problem.

In order to measure the success of this, we would be grateful if you would fill in the survey, which will be then repeated in 12 months' time.

Overall, how satisfied are you with our current appointment system?


How satisfied are you with booking urgent (on the day) appointments?


How satisfied are you with booking Routine (pre-bookable) appointments?


How satisfied are you with booking telephone consultation appointments?


Would you like there to be more telephone consultations?


Would you like there to be more email consultations?


Are you aware that most medical issues can be dealt with by our team of nurse practitioner/paramedic practitioners/pharmacists under the direct supervision of a doctor?


How satisfied are you with the current appointment length?


Do you understand how a clinical pharmacist appointment could help you with your care?


Any other comments?