Bedford Street and Furzton Surgery Patient Survey 2019 / 2020

How do you normally book your appointment to see a doctor at our surgery


How do you normally book your appointment to see an urgent care nurse at our surgery


Which is your preferred method of booking an appointment


How easy is it to get through on the telephone


Are you aware of how to access the online system


If you use the online system to book appointments , how do you find it


Are you aware of the following types of appointments we offer


The last time you visited reception, were you greeted with a smile an welcoming manner


if you came in for an appointment , did you use the self check in at reception


The last time you needed to see a clinician urgently , were we able to offer you an appointment


if no what was the reason for not offering you an appointment


if you were unable to make an appointment did you use an alternative service


would you like to be able to contact a duty clinician by email for medical care


are you aware that you can see your test results online


are you signed up to our online services


do you feel our clinicians listen to your concerns


what age group are you in


Please enter any additional comments in the box below .Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey