You have been asked to complete this survey because you have been seen or referred to the Reflexology Service at Bridge Health Centre or Littlebourne Surgery.

We aspire to the highest professional standards and are keen to receive feedback from patients whose comments help us to develop and improve services we offer.

Sue Hunter

After you had seen the doctor, how long did you have to wait for your appointment with the therapist?


Was this acceptable to you?


Did you find it easy to get to your appointment?


If no, why was this?

What could we do to improve this?

If you needed to change your appointment how easy was this to do?


How would you rate the reception and administration staff at the surgery?


How would you rate the way the therapist listened to your symptoms?


How would you rate the way the therapist explained your treatment?


How satisfied were you with the amount of time the therapist spent with you?


How would you rate the therapists care and concern for you?


How would you rate the effectiveness of the treatment you received?


Taking everything into account how would you rate the overall quality of the service you received?


Have you any other comments you would like to make?