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Patient Satisfaction Survey 2019

Are you being seen by:


Name of Doctor/Practice Nurse


Have you asked to specifically see this clinician?


If you asked to specifically see this clinician, why?

Would you be happy to see an alternative clinician?


If you would not be happy to see an alternative clinician, why?

Please rate each of the following areas:

1. Speed at which the telephone was answered initially?


2. Length of time you had to wait for a appointment


3. Convenience of day and time of your appointment?


4. Seeing the Doctor of your choice?


5. Length of time waiting to see the Doctor or Nurse?


6. Prescription ready within 48 hours?


7. Handling of prescription queries?


8. Were you told when to contact us for your results?


9. Results available when you contacted us?


10. Level of satisfaction with the amount of information provided?


11. The information provided by the Reception staff


12. The helpfulness of the Reception staff?


13. The information provided by other staff?


14. The helpfulness of other staff?


15. My overall satisfaction with the practice?


Any further comments:

How old are you?




How many years have you been attending this practice?


Are you aware we are on these media sites?


Are you aware you can comment on the practice on the NHS Choices Website?


This survey is now closed