Dear Patient

We would be grateful if you would complete this survey. Feedback from this survey will enable us to identify areas that may need improvement. Your opinions are therefore very valuable.

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Q1. Are you satisfied with the opening hours at the surgery?


Q2. Do you find the surgery clean?


Q3. In the Reception Area, can other patients overhear what you say to the staff?


Q4. Do you find the receptionists at the surgery helpful?


Q5. Do you find it easy to arrange an appointment by telephone?


Q6. If you have tried to make an appointment online did it work?


Q7. Do you find the online services easy to use?


Q8. When you arrange to see a GP at the surgery can you usually see the GP you prefer?


Q9. Do you find it easy to arrange an appointment with any other health professional at the surgery?


Q10. Do you find it easy to arrange to speak to a GP on the telephone?


Q11. How do you feel about how long you usually have to wait to be seen after you arrive at the surgery?


Q12. If there was a lengthy delay in being seen were you informed of the reason?


Q13. Overall are you happy with the services at the surgery?


Q14. If there is anything else you would like to tell us about your experiences of your surgery, please comment below:

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What is the ethnic background with which you most identify?


How would you describe how often you come to the practice?


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