Practice survey 2019

Which online services do you use?


Thinking about ordering prescriptions online how do you find the process?


Has ordering your prescriptions online made it more convenient for you ?


If you answered no please tell us what problems you have experienced

Thinking about appointments online how was your experience when trying to book an appointment?


Has making appointments online made it more convenient for you?


If you answered no please tell us why

Using the online bookings did you find a varied choice of appointments available?


If you answered no please tell us why

SMS text messaging - Have you received a text message to confirm your appointment?


Have you received an appointment reminder?


How useful did you find the reminder message?


Have you used the text messaging to cancel your appointment


Has being able to cancel your appointment by text message made it easier for you to do this?


Would you find it beneficial to receive text messages to advise you of health promotion i.e. flu vaccination due?


Please tell us a little about yourself. Are you


What age are you ?


Which of the following best describes your ethnic background?


Would you like to join our patient participation Group? The group are working with the practice to help shape the future and ensure that this practice continues to excel and help us to get what we want and need with regards to our healthcare. They want to make other patients aware of what is happening in the NHS and the constraints it puts on how the practice can operate, whilst helping the practice achieve various targets that are placed on them. We are always looking to recruit new members so if you would like to join our Patient Participation Group please email or