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Part A: Appointment with a GP or Nurse Practitioner

Our current system involves a mixture of appointments to best suit varying requirements.

· Appointments bookable up to 2 weeks (4 weeks if authorized by clinician) in advance for routine problems or follow-up

· Telephone appointments for problems that may be dealt with over the phone

· Appointments that are bookable online (see for details)

· Appointments that are released on the day for urgent problems

· One doctor available in the morning to visit patients at home that are housebound

Once all appointments are used up, if there are still patients that urgently need to be seen on the day, they can be added onto the end of the morning as urgent extras.

Q1: Are you satisfied with these arrangements ?


Q2: What do you think could be improved, and why ?

Q3: In the past year, 3 surgeries with patients within our practice area (Saltash Road, St. Barnabas and Cumberland surgery) have closed and our list size has increased by significantly. Have you noticed a change in accessibility for appointments in this time?


Part B: Telephone System Problems

Since December 2017 we have been using an upgraded telephone system for a number of reasons (with the goal to increase queue capacity, flexibility, and quality of information, due to St. Neots Surgery having a growing list size and handling up to 1000 calls/day.

We are aware from our 2018 patient survey that there have been several issues that have had a significant impact on satisfaction of service on two fronts:

* Queue being capped in main line to 7 calls with a recorded message inviting you to call back later (this is done to reduce queue waiting time, particularly at peak times). This is expected behaviour. Some patients prefer to stay in the queue, even if it is lengthy, but our experience is that >30 mins wait is unsatisfactory.

* Calls bouncing back to the main menu on occasion at the head of the queue or even in the middle which should not happen at any point. This is unexpected behavior.

We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you may have been experiencing. In order to address these problems we have in the last few months

* Liaised with our telephone system provider South West Comms to track areas of call bouncing and improve system reliability

* Held refresher training for Reception to encourage them to answer call presented whenever possible before dealing with another task and indicate availability appropriately to avoid call bouncing.

* Increased staff numbers answering the phone at peak times.

* Increased active monitoring and logging of reported queue failures.

Q3: Compared to early 2018, have you noticed an improvement in your experience in being able to contact the surgery by the telephone?


Q4: At times of peak demand, would you prefer the queue to be longer, to reduce the chance of it being full, even if that means you may wait longer for your call to be answered?


Part C: Appointment with a Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant

Our current system involves booked appointments over the phone or in person at the surgery. Some appointments are held back for book on day only (eg. urgent dressings). Nurse or Health Care Assistant appointments can be booked as far in advance as necessary and are not bookable online.

Q5: Are you satisfied with these arrangements ?


Q6: What do you think could be improved, and why ?

Part D: Reception Services

Our receptionists have several roles. These include booking face to face and telephone appointments, organising repeat prescriptions, informing patients of results and dealing with general enquiries.

Q7: Are you satisfied with these arrangements ?


Q8: Do you feel your service at Reception is polite and efficient?


Q9: What do you think could be improved, and why ?

Part E: Text Messaging/Reminders

This surgery currently offers a free service whereby if you have recently registered an up to date mobile number with us you can receive automatic text appointment reminders and can also be informed if a clinic has been cancelled at short notice.

Q10: Are you satisfied with this service?


Q11: If not, why?

Part G: St. Neots Patient Group

This survey has been created by the St. Neots Patient Group as it is recommended nationally that all practices seek to obtain patient views. We are a friendly and informal patient-led group that currently meets at the surgery in the evenings on average every six weeks and is keen to recruit more members.

Q12: Would you be interested in finding out more about the group?


If so, supply your details to put in the Patient Group Application box or use the 'Feedback' link at and we will be in touch with further information as soon as possible. Your details will remain confidential and under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties or used for marketing purposes.

Part H- About You

Please Note- The information you provide in this section is strictly confidential and will exclusively be used for the important purpose of helping to ensure that this survey is fully representative of the patient population of St. Neot's Surgery. It will under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties or used for marketing purposes.

Q13: Are you male or female?


Q14: How old are you?


Q15: Which of these best describes what you are doing at present?

If more than one of these applies to you, please tick the main ONE only


Q16: Which of these options best describes your ethnic group?


Q17: Is English your first language?


Q18: If No, would you benefit from provision of a telephone interpreter (e.g. Language Line) and/or information leaflets in languages other than English?


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This survey is now closed