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Diabetes Telephone Interim Review - Patient Satisfaction Survey

I found telephone review very convenient


The nurse had the required knowledge and skills to undertake my review by phone


I felt involved in any decisions about my care


I had my test results explained to me


I was given time to ask questions


The nurse was able to answer my questions


Where applicable, I was offered the opportunity of face to face review if I had any concerns


Given the choice, I would opt for phone review again in the future


Please rate your overall satisfaction with your telephone review


Please add any points that you feel we need to consider when undertaking phone reviews in the future

Please add any further comments about this service

How old are you?


Are you Male or Female?


How many years have you been attending this Practice?


Are you aware we are on these media sites?


Are you aware you can comment on the Practice on the NHS Choices website?


Do you know about our Patient Participation Group?


This survey is now closed