What is your age?


What ethnic group do you belong to?


How do you usually book your appointment at your GP Practice?


How easy do you find it to get routine appointments? (5 easiest)


How easy is it to get an appointment for an URGENT medical problem? (5 easiest)


How easy is it to get through to your practice on the telephone? (5 easiest)


As a patient in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale are you aware that you also have access to the following services. For further details about the services mentioned below please see the 'Improving Access to GP Services Patient Leaflet'


If you were signposted by your practice to any of the above services, were your needs met?


If you usually book appointments via telephone or reception, did you know that you could book your appointment online?


If the answer is YES do you use online services to


If the answer is no, why is this?


Overall how would you rate your experience of booking appointments at this surgery?


How do you find the clinical staff e.g. (doctors, nurse and healthcare assistants)?


How do you find the reception/office staff


Are you aware that the surgery has a patient participation group?


Please add any comments that you would like to make below