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Patient Survery 2018/2019

Every year we endeavour to conduct a patient survey so that we take your feedback on board. Your input is very valuable for us to continually improve the service we provide at your GP surgery. Please note, this feedback is only for the GP surgery and not for other services like Health Visitors, District Nurses, Blood testing and other services housed at Church Elm Lane Health Centre. They are NOT part of Dr Goyal's GP surgery.

1. Have you visited the practice website – for information?


2. Do you know how to raise a complaint/grievance at the surgery?


3. Do you understand the appointment system at CELMP? Routine appointments available to book upto a week in advance, nurses can be booked two weeks in advance; emergency appointments available on the day?


4. How helpful do you find the reception/administration staff at your GP surgery?


5. Are you aware that you can book appointments, request for prescriptions online via the internet?


6. In the past 6 months, which of the following online services have you used at your GP surgery?


7. If you haven’t signed up for online services, are you interested to sign up?


8. Are you satisfied with the surgery opening hours?


Last time you saw or spoke to a clinician from our surgery, how good was your overall experience? (GP/Nurse/Pharmacist/HCA)?


9. Who do you think should help with the following social issues like housing, benefits, community projects, self help groups?

10. Would you be interested in joining our patient participation group who contribute to the effective running of the surgery?


11. Based on your experience at the surgery, would you recommend the surgery to your friends/neighbours moving to the area?


12. Do you know how to access out of hours services when the practice is closed?


13. Do you have any other comments or suggestions you feel would improve the surgery or the services that we offer?

14. Which category below includes your age?


15. Please indicate if you are:


16. Which race/ethnicity best describes you?


Thank you completing the survey. Your feedback is important to us.

This survey is now closed