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Appointment system changes

We changes the appointment system 6 months ago to allow patients to pre-book 2 weeks in advance. With this in mind, were you aware of these changes?


Another area we changed has been to offer a set appointment time when you call on the day, rather than having to wait to be called back (for normal appointments not on-call emergencies). Do you see any benefits to this for you?


Do you feel the change to the appointment system has had any impact?


Overall do you like the new appointment system?


Do you have any comments on the changes?

Finally as we are booking appointment 2 weeks in advance we are seeing an increased number of patients not turning up for appointments without cancelling them. We are considering removing patients from the list if they fail to turn up on 3 occassions in a 2 year period (exceptions will be made for those with Dementia etc..). This will mean they will have to register with another GP. Do you have any thoughts on this?

This survey is now closed