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Patient Survey 2018/2019

OPENING HOURS - We have recently increased our opening hours. The new opening hours are: Monday - Thursday 8am - 8pm, Friday 8am -6.30pm and Saturday mornings 8am - 12pm. Are you satisfied with these opening times?


OUR SURGERY - We want to make your visit to the Practice as pleasant as possible. How helpful do you find our staff at the surgery?


How helpful and friendly do you find the reception staff on the telephone?


How helpful and friendly do you find the reception staff when you come to the Practice?


BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT - If you need to be seen urgently we will try our best to give you an appointment on the same day. This might not be with your regular doctor. a) in your experience do we meet this target?


b) If you need a non-urgent appointment are you able to book that appointment within 14 days?


c) If you were not able to book an appointment within 14 days, why was that?


d) As a large practice, we appreciate it is not always possible to see your GP choice. On those occasions when you have been seen by a different GP, were you satisfied with the consultation?


CLINICAL CARE - Providing excellent clinical care is our priority. Thinking about the last time you saw a doctor or nurse at the surgery. Did you feel listened to by the clinical staff?


The clinical staff treat me with dignity and respect?


I am confident in the treatment I receive from the clinical staff?


I am involved I decisions about my care?


I receive an explanation of my problems and any treatment I may need?


PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP - We need and value input from our patients to shape the way we run our Practice. Are you aware we run a 'Virtual Patient Group'. As a member you are not required to attend any meetings, we simply keep in touch by emaul.


Would you recommend the Practice to someone else


COMMENTS - Your feedback is really important to us, please provide us with your comments in the box below.

ABOUT YOU - Finally, it will help us to understand your answers if you could tell us a little about yourself: Are you:


How old are you?


Do you have any long-standing illness, disability or infirmity? By long- standing we mean anything that has troubled you over a period of time or that is likely to affect you over a period of time


What is your ethnic group


Which of the following best describes you?


This survey is now closed