Dear Patient

Thank you for agreeing to take this short survey to help our Practice understand how access to our appointments system can be improved, if at all.

Please answer all of the questions and click "Send" when you are done.

Q1: Approximately how often have you contacted the Practice in the last 12 months for an appointment (either for yourself or someone else)?


Q2: How do you normally book your appointments? (Please x all that apply)


Q3: Do you know the procedure re the following? (Please x all that apply)


Q4: How easy is it to get through to the Practice on the telephone?


Q5: Taking into account the details in Q3, the last time you telephoned the Practice/came to the Reception desk how helpful in explaining the appointments system was the person who dealt with you if it was required?


Q6: If you need to see a GP urgently, do you normally get seen on the same day?


Q7: How important is it for you to be able to pre-book an appointment?


Q8: How important is it to you that you see a specific GP when coming to the Practice?


Q9: How important is it to you that you know which days of the week each GP is usually available?


Q10: How easy do you find it to get an appointment for the date/time you want?


Q11: When attending for your appointment, how long after your appointment time do you normally have to wait?


Q12: Overall, how would you rate the arrangements for getting to see a GP in the Practice?


Q13: Were you aware we had changed the structure of our Nursing appointments in Spring 2018?


Q14: If yes, and you have made an appointment since then did you think the process of making an appointment was:


Q15: Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

To help us analyse your answers please tell us a couple of things about yourself:

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