Emergency Triage Survey

1) What was the emergency telephone appointment for?


2) What is your age or the age of the person you were making the appointment for?

3) Please give a brief description of what was concerning you at the time of booking an appointment with a GP.

4) How concerned were you with your health or the health of the person you were making this appointment for when you called for the GP on that day?


5) How satisfied were you with this wait time?


6) How long did you wait before you were called back?

7) If you were not offered an appointment on the same day, what was the reason?


8) If you answered 'Other' at the last question, please given brief details of this.

9) Following the emergency telephone appointment, did you feel that your problem or your family member's problem was dealt with over the phone?


10) If you answered 'Other' in the last question, please give further details.

11) Were you offered an appointment on the same day following the telephone triage?


12) If 'Yes', who did you see?


13) What is most important to you in terms of GP access when you telephone for an appointment? Considering the answers below, please rank in order what is most important to you with 1 being the most important to you and 4 being the least important to you?

13a) Face to face appointment with a GP/Healthcare Professional.

13b) Not having to wait more than 1 day to see a GP/Healthcare Professional.

13c) To see a preferred GP/Healthcare Professional.

13d) To be able to speak to a GP/Healthcare Professional.

14) If you had to speak to a GP on another occasion for the same problem following it being dealt with over the phone initially, what was the reason for this? Answer only if this is applicable.


15) Overall rating. Looking back at the service you had received via the emergency telephone triage system, how satisfied were you with the care you received by the Village Surgery team via this new system?


16) Please give us any further comments on your opinion of the emergency triage service. Your feedback is very useful to us.