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Weight Management Survey 2018 - 2019

Did you succeed in losing weight?


How much did you lose?

Have you managed to maintain your weight loss?


When you attended the clinic, did you find it helpful and supportive?


Do you have any suggestions for improvements to the Weight Management Clinic?

If you did not succeed in losing weight, why was this?- eg: Lack of motivation? was it not the right time for you? or pressure of work? lack of support from the clinics? were you unable to book an appointment? or inconvenient times for you?

How many times did you attend?



How often were you seen?


During your attendances did you have the following recorded?





BMI (Body Mass Index)


Waist Circumference?


Body Fat Monitoring?


If these were not recorded were they offered to you?


Were you happy with the one to one service you received?


Would a group session have been useful for you?


How can we improve this service?

Thank you for completing the questionnaire and providing us with feedback to improve our services.

All your comments are anonymous and may be shared.

This survey is now closed