Dear Patient,

Many thanks for agreeing to take this short survey to help our practice understand how our appointment system can be improved.

Please answer all of the questions and click Send when you are done.

Q1: How easy was it to get an appointment for the time you wanted?


Q2: Were you able to see the GP you wanted to see?


Q3: How easy was it to get an appointment with the GP you wanted to see?


Q4: How important is it to you that you see a specific GP when coming to this practice?


Q5: How well do you know which days of the week your GP is available?


Q6: How do you prefer to book your appointments?


Q7: Would you be interested in the following types of appointments if we were to introduce them?


To help us analyse your answers please tell us a few things about yourself:

Are you male or female?


What age are you?


What is the ethnic background with which you most identify?


How would you describe how often you come to the practice?


Many thanks for your time in answering the questions on this survey.