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Carterknowle & Dore Patient Survey 2018

In coming months the practice has plans for a renovation project at Carterknowle practice. These plans include an upgrade to all patient waiting areas along with the creation of three new downstairs clinical rooms. However we would like feedback from patients to let us know what other changes are important to you in order to improve your patient experience.

1. What would your preferred colour scheme be?


2. Which of the following (Please tick any number of options) do you think the practice would benefit from?


3. How would you prefer to be called for appointments?


4. How would you prefer to be called to a clinicians' room?


Last year, the practice made changes to the way patients are called in for an annual review, to try to reduce the number of visits patients have to attend. This was named Birthday Medical Review (BMR) and patients have been called to make an appointment around the time of their birthday.

5. Have you attended for a BMR this past year?


6. Have you found the explanation of BMR (practice poster / information on our website) helpful?


If you are still unsure what BMR is and how it works, please put any questions you have in the box below. We can then answer your questions via our FAQ page on our website

7. If you have attended for a BMR appointment, do you think the system has worked better than previous systems i.e. have you had to make less visits?


If no, please give us feedback on why you think it has not worked

8. In recent months we have made some changes to our telephone system welcome message in order improve te filter of calls throughout the day and reduce waiting times. How long, on average, do you usually have to wait to speak to our team on the telephone?


9. If you had the option to contact us with your health query to access advice, information or appointments online around the clock, would you use this service?


10. If you made use of this service, how would you prefer to access this?


11. Our website has recently been updated with the aim of being more user friendly. Do you find the website easy to navigate in order find the desired information?


If no, please provide some feedback on how you think the website can be improved or what information you have struggled to find.

12. Would you be willing to share photographs of the surrounding area to be included on our website homepage?


If yes, please send them to us via email at

Please do not include people or other identifiable personal information in any images.

13. Do you regularly use social media?


14. Would you find it useful to keep up to date with the practice via social media i.e. by following us on Twitter?


If yes, you can follow us @Carterknowle_mc

15. The practice are able to send out SMS text messages as reminders for appointments or to update on practice news. Do you find this service helpful?


16. We would like you to think about your recent experience of our service. How likely are you to recommend to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?


17. Is there anything you would like to suggest to improve the patient experience at this surgery?

The practice is starting to collect patients email contact details to use in the future. If you are happy to share an email correspondence with the practice, please write details below.







This survey is now closed