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2017 - 2018 PATIENT SURVEY

GP Services: how was your last appointment?

How would you rate your GP's care and concern?


Did the GP mention or explain the impact of prescribed medication and possible side effects?


If a decision was made to refer you to another NHS service, were the reasons for this referral explained adequately?


Do you feel that all your concerns were heard and dealt with and you were involved in decisions about your care?


Nurse Services: you last appointment

How would you rate the nurse's care and concern?


Reception Services:

The last time you contacted the reception team at the practice, were they:


If you answered not or not at all good or helpful to any of the previous questions, please give reasons in the box below

Online Prescription Service:

If you have used this service, how was your experience?


Please give reasons for your answer

Online Appointments:

If you have used this service, how would you rate your experience?


If you haven't used this service, why not?

Evening and Weekend Appointments:

You can book GP appointments for evenings on weekdays and for during the day at weekends at the Eltham Community Hospital and Thamesmead Medical Centre, did you know about this service?


If you answered No, would you make use of this service?


If you answered No, please give your reasons in the box below

Your feedback is extremely important to us in maintaining the highest possible level of service and care for our patients. Please let us know how you found these patient survey questions


Are there any other aspects of our practice you would like us to include in future feedback?


If you answered Yes, please specify in the box below

Please enter below any other comments you want to make about the practice or its staff, and any suggestions for improvement.

Patient Participation Group

If you would like to join our Patient Participation Group which meets every 3 months for an hour after evening surgery please advise reception or complete the form on our website Meeting dates are on our website.

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Please put it in the
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This survey is now closed