Patient Mental Health Survey

Q1 Do you receive treatment or support for a mental health problem at this practice?


Q1a If you feel happy to do so, please provide further details about the mental health problems that you are treated for:

Q2 When you contact this practice to make an appointment, how often do staff do the following? a. Make you feel welcome


b. Listen and respond to your needs


c. Book you an appointment to your satisfaction


d. Access and take account of information held about you to help book the appointment eg requires double appointment, has mental health problem etc.


Q3 Does your practice provide information about mental health in any of the following places? a. Posters on the walls


b. On a noticeboard


c. Leaflets in waiting area


d. On TV screen in waiting area


e. From a member of staff


f. Website


Q4 When you have a consultation with the GP or Nurse about your mental health how often do they do the following? a. Give you enough time


b. Listen to you


c. Read your notes beforehand


d. Explain tests and treatments


e. Involve you in decisions about your care


f. Treat you with care and concern


g. Have access to relevant medical information about you


h. Allow you to talk about more than one problem


i. Please explain your answers

Q5 Thinking about ongoing support for your mental health, how often does your practice do the following? a. Follow you up if you miss an appointment


b. Follow you up if your prescription is not renewed


c. Review your treatment at regular intervals


d. Enable staff (eg receptionists) to be aware of relevant information to book a suitable appointment for you


Q6 If you were in crisis about your mental health would you ask your practice to help?


Q6a. Please explain your answer

Q7 Do you think the practice could provide better information about how people in crisis can get help?


Q7a. If Yes, what could they do to improve the information?

Q8 How much do you think your practice welcomes and understands patients with mental health problems?


Q8a. Please explain your answer

Q9 Would you recommend your practice to someone else with a mental health problem?


Q9a. Please explain your answer.

Q10 Please list up to 3 things your practice could do to improve its service for people with mental health problems.

Q11 Please list up to 3 things your practice does well in its service for people with mental health problems.

Q12 Any further comments.