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1 In the past 12 months how many times have you seen a doctor?


2 How helpful do you find the surgery receptionists?


3 How do you rate our current opening hours, including our evening commuter surgeries?


4 Are you registered for our ON-LINE services?


4a How do you rate the Online Appointments?


4b How do you rate the Online Repeat prescriptions?


5 How quickly do you usually get to see a doctor?


5a If you need to see a GP urgently, can you normally get seen on the same day?


5b How long do you usually have to wait at the practice for your consultation to begin?


Thinking of the times you have phoned the practice how do you rate the following?

5c Ability to get through to the practice on the phone


5d Ability to speak to a doctor on the phone when you need medical advice?


6 On a scale of 1 - 5, how important to your health and wellbeing was you reason for visiting the doctor today?

1 being not important and 5 being very important


7 How good was your doctor today at:-

7a Being polite


7b making you feel at ease


7c Listening to you


7d Assessing your medical condition


7e Explaining your condition and treatment


7f Involving you in decisions about your treatment


7g Providing or arranging treatment for you


8 Please diecide how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements

8a This doctor will keep information about me confidential?


8b This doctor is honest and trustworthy


9 I am confident about this doctor's ability to provide care?


10 I would be completely happy to see this doctor again?


11 Was this visit with your usual doctor?


12 If you answered poor to any of the questions , please give a reason

The next questions will provide the doctors with some basic information about who took part in the survey

Are you ?


How old are you?


Do you have a chronic illness or disability?


8d What is your ethnic group?


8e Which of the following best describes you?


9 We are interested in any other comments you may have, such as anything particularly good about Holbrook Surgery, anything that can be improved or any other comments. Please write them here

NB Holbrook Surgery has an New Patient Participation PPG that will provide an important communication link between the practice and our patients, supplying information on future plans, healthcare and involvement in patient surveys. If you would like to participate in our PPG please complete the online form at

This survey is now closed