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Cervical Screening Survey

What is your age?


What time of day is the most convenient for you to attend screening?


Would you attend a screening appointment on a Saturday?


How easy do you find making a cervical screening appointment?


If you have difficulty making a screening appointment, please can you tell us the cause?

Would you make use of online booking of cervical screening appointments?


If you have attended a screening appointment how would you rate the comfort of the treatment room?


If you find the treatment rooms uncomfortable, please can you let us know why?

How helpful are our posters / information in addressing your questions surrounding cervical screening?


Is there a reason for why you would not attend for your smear? (Select all that apply)


If you selected 'other', please can you tell us why?

How can we increase awareness and promote uptake of cervical screening? Can you make any suggestions as to how we can persuade you or anyone you care about to come for a smear test. Tick all options which are applicable.


If you selected 'other' please can you tell us why?

Would you like to discuss the screening procedure with a nurse before booking the appointment?


This survey is now closed