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Patient Survey 2017

Thank you for taking the time to take part in our survey. Please can you tick the box which best answers the question, with a rating of 1 – 5 using the following key:

5 = very satisfied

4 = satisfied

3 = average

2 = dissatisfied

1 = very dissatisfied

Access to appointments for doctor and/or nurse


Reception staff


Telephone access

a) Response time


b) Communication skills


Doctor consultation

a) Choice of preferred doctor


b) Waiting times for doctor


Nurse/Health Care Assistant consultation


Waiting room environment – Please use the box below


Waiting room environment - Text Box

Confidentiality – any suggestions to how we can improve this? Please use the box below.

Our website,

a) Do you find it useful?


b) The links to other website? Are there any more links to other websites that you’d like to see (please use box below)


Our website, - Text Box

Do you know about online access/patient services?


How satisfied are you with online access/patient services?


How happy are you with the overall performance of the practice?


Please use this box to add any further comments. Please also use this box for any comments particularly anything which you feel could help us to improve our service.

Please give us your age and gender.

This survey is now closed