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Patient Survey

We have tried to ensure that we have a number of options for patients to book their appointments:

* You can book an appointment usually up to a month in advance.

* We have appointments that you can book on the day.

* We have a few appointments that you can book 48hours in advance.

* We have a drop-in clinic every morning between 8.30 and 10am for patients with one problem only, in which patients are guaranteed that they will be seen.

* We also have telephone consultation appointments should you wish to talk to the Doctor or Nurse.

1. If you haven't seen a Doctor in the past 6 months, why is that?


2. Are you aware that we offer telephone consultations with a GP?


3. Are you aware that we have a Drop-In clinic every morning between 8.30 and 10am?


4. Have you had to contact the Practice more than once to get the appointment you wanted?


4a. If YES, what reason was given for not being able to book your appointment when you wanted it?

When you have phoned the Practice, how do you rate the following?

5. Ability to get through to the Practice on the phone?


6. Ability to speak to a Doctor on the phone


7. Obtaining test results by phone


8. How often do you see your preferred Doctor?


9. If you have an ongoing medical condition, how important is it for you to see your own Doctor?


10. How helpful do you find the receptionists?


11. Are you aware that the Practice is open... Please tick all that apply:


12. What would be your preference be, if you are not satisfied with our opening hours? Please answer below:

13. Would you recommend the Practice to someone who has just moved to the area?


14. We are continuing to develop online facilities to improve our services... Please tick all that your aware of:


This survey is now closed