Treatment Room Survey February 2017

Have you ever had reason to use the treatment room for basic services?

(Basic services include: Phlebotomy (taking blood), Blood pressure checks, ECG, Minor dressings and suture removal)


Have you ever had reason to use the treatment room for additional (acute) services?

(Additional services include: Wound packing, Post-operative dressing, Leg ulcer care, Doppler and Ear irrigation)


Was this personally or with a friend/relative?


Is it helpful to have access to these services at your local GP surgery?


Do you struggle to travel to the GP surgery?


Please rate the standard of care you feel you have recieved:


If the GP surgery is unable to continue providing this service, it will likely to be moved to Grappenhall Clinic, Jubilee (Orford) or Bath Street (Town Centre).

If you had to travel further for treatment, e.g. leg dressing twice a week, would you...

...still attend twice weekly?


...attend as often as you could manage?


...go for your first appointment only?


...ask for the District Nurse to visit you at home?


...not bother seeking help?


Our nursing team have flexibility with appointments in that they can see you before we open to fit around your working day. If services are moved elsewhere, the appointments are likely to be more strict e.g. 9am to 5:30pm. Would this have an impact on your treatment? Please explain the reason for your answer.

If you knew you were going to need additional treatment room services and these were only available in the community clinics, would you:


If you have any other comments regarding the treatment room services, please write them below