Paddock Road Premises- Have Your Say!

Access to community health services

Thinking about community health services such as community nursing, mental health, physiotherapy, podiatry and leg ulcer clinics, please answer the following question:

Question: Would you prefer that these services were available in Harleston as they are in other towns locally?


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Paddock Road Surgery Premises

Unlike most market towns, Harleston does not have the benefits of a health centre. Most market towns have health centre facilities from which community health services are provided in addition to a general practice. The practice has proposed that the vacant Paddock Road Surgery building be used as a health hub from which a wide variety of community and health services can operate. This would allow a more integrated model of care incorporating community health, mental health, social care services, voluntary sector services and community organisations together in the one physical space, with the goal of enhancing both coordination among the services and access to them by the community.

The vacant Paddock Road Surgery building is currently funded by NHS England and could be put too much better use without further financial investment to ensure that the residents of Harleston have access to services which are readily available in other market towns.

Question: Do you agree that the vacant Paddock Road Surgery building should be used as a health hub from which a multidisciplinary team spanning community health, social care, local government services and the voluntary sector can operate?


Results chart