As you may know Dr J M Caine will be leaving the practice at the end of March 2017 and we wondered what attributes you feel we should look for in the employment of a new GP?


Prescription Issues- Did you know that Prescriptions are sometimes given on a three monthly basis if a specific problem is under control. Are you aware that:

The practice is encouraged by our regulators to give only one month's supply


That patients on 3 months supply may cause the NHS wastage if in fact they have their medication changed or stopped midway through the prescription duration


Feel that it would be better for ALL patients to be given only one months supply


Medication Reviews. Are you aware that on occasions we ask for patients to come in to see a doctor so that the GP is able to check that the medication they are using is right for the person and whether or not the medication is having the desired effect?


Do you know that if your medication is due to be reviewed that on occasion this can be done by the doctor without you having to be seen by a GP in an appointment?


Did you know that patients on ace inhibitors, for example Ramipril and Perindopril need an annual review which includes a kidney function blood test to check how they are managing on the medication and whether the dose is correct?


Did you know that 'statin drugs' that help with high cholesterol need a liver function test done one every 1-3 months after starting the medication to monitor how the patient is coping with the medication, and a second test done again in 12 months?


MJOG Voice- Parbold Surgery has a service called MJOG which sends text messages to patients who's mobile telephone numbers are on file with appointment reminders and allows patients to cancel appointments without having to telephone the surgery. This service also sends out test results. This service can also be extended to patients without mobile telephones as voice messages can be sent to their landlines? These messages can ask all relevant questions for patient with medication reviews pending and also can give reminders for annual check ups without the patient having to come to the surgery. (except of course when a blood test is due or necessary).

Do you think this is a good idea?


Would you be happy to receive and act on these messages?

I would be happy to receive text messages


I would be happy to receive a voice message