Practice Newsletter 2016

As a practice we are continually assessing how we can improve communication with our patients. One of our main methods of communication is via our website & practice newsletter. We would be grateful if you could complete our quick survey to help us assess your knowledge of our newsletter and how often you feel it should be published.

About our Newsletter

Are you aware we currently issue a Practice Newsletter when there are important changes within the practice?


Did you know you can register on-line, via the practice website, to receive a copy of our Newsletter directly to your email address?


If yes, have you registered on-line to receive a newsletter?


Do you think a regular newsletter would be beneficial?


If yes, how often would you like us to produce a newsletter


About the Practice

Would you recommend your GP Practice to someone who has just moved into the local area?


Please tell us the main reason for your answer

About you

Are you?


What age category do you fall into?


Thank you for completing our survey, we really appreciate your assistance.