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Patient Survey 2016

A. Appointments at your GP Surgery Q1. When did you last see a GP at this Surgery?


Q2. How do you normally book your appointments to see a GP or Nurse at the Surgery?


B. Getting through on the phone Q3. In the past 6 months, how easy have you found the following? (Please tick one from each row)


C. Seeing a Doctor Q4. Think about the last time you tried to see a Doctor urgently. Were you able to see any Doctor on the same day or in the next 2 weekdays that the Medical Centre was open?


Q5. In the past 6 months, have you been able to book ahead for an appointment with any Doctor? (by "booking ahead" we mean booking more than 2 weekdays in advance)


D. Arriving for your appointment Q6. How easy do you find getting into the building at the Surgery?


Q7. How clean is the Surgery?


Q8. In the reception area, can other patients hear what you say to the Receptionist?


Q9. How helpful are the receptionists at the Surgery?


Q10. How long after your appointment time do you normally wait to be seen?


E. Seeing the Doctor you prefer Q11. How often do you see the Doctor your prefer?


F. Opening hours Q12. How satisfied are you with the opening hours of the Surgery?


Q13. As far as you know is the Surgery open...... (please tick one for each row)


Q14. Would you like the Surgery open at additional times?


G. Seeing a Practice Nurse at the GP Surgery or Health Centre Q15. How easy is it for you to get an appointment with a Practice Nurse at the Surgery?


H. Your overall satisfaction - Friends and Family Q16. We would like you to think about your recent experiences of our service. How likely are you to recommend our GP Practice to friends and family if they needed similar care of treatment?


I.Prescriptions Q17. Do you have medications on repeat prescription?


Q18. How do you request these?


Q19. Do you have a nominated pharmacy for your prescriptions to go electronically?


Q20. Do you know you can request repeat medications online? N.B Please ask at reception for user name and password to enable online prescription requests. Please allow 48 hours for all medication requests.


J. Some questions about you (the following questions will help us see how experiences vary between different groups of the population. We will keep your answers confidential) Q21. Which of the following best describes what you are doing at present? (if more than one apply, please select the main one ONLY)


Q22. What age group/sex are you?


Q23. Do you have any of the following conditions? (Please include problems due to old age, tick all boxes that apply)


Q24. Do you have carer responsibilities for anyone in your household with a long standing health problem or disability?


COMMENTS - If there is anything you would like to tell us about your experience of the Practice please do so. Your comments are very important to us.

COMMENTS - What do you feel the Practice does well?

COMMENTS - Is there anything that could be improved?

COMMENTS - Any other comments?

This survey is now closed