Patient Experience Questionnaire 2016/2017

We would be grateful if you could take the time to complete our annual Patient Survey for 2016/2017. Patient feedback is very important to the practice to review processes and procedures to ensure we continue to provide patient care in the best standards. Many thanks.

1. I feel I was treated with courtesy during my visit.


2. I was involved as much as I wanted to be in the decisions about my care.


3. When I had an important question, I received an answer I could understand.


4. I had confidence in the Healthcare Professional who saw me.


5. I am aware I can use a local Pharmacist for minor ailments rather than seeing my GP.


6. The Extended Hours service provided by West Cheshire CCG is beneficial to me and the patient population.


7. I would like the Practice to offer Extended Hours appointments between 7.00am - 8.00am twice a week.


8. I feel the new Duty Clinician Triage system is appropriate and helpful.


9. I felt the Duty Clinician Triage helped avoid an unnecessary visit to the Practice.


10. The appointment time that was offered to me was flexible and suited my needs.


11. I am aware of the Patient Online Access for booking appointments and ordering prescriptions and I find the service useful.


12. I was given enough privacy during my consultation.


13. I received the care I expected.