Patient Participation Group - Patient Questionnaire

Do you access the practice Website?


Have you attempted to use the Website for information that was not available?


If yes, please indicate the information you were looking for...

Have you ever used the Internet to self-diagnose or to find additional information about your problem/medication?


If yes, please give an example of the information you were looking for and why you went on-line to find this information

How do you currently order your repeat medication?


Which of the methods of repeat prescription ordering do you find most efficient and why?

When you speak to the GP, do you plan in advance what you want or need to say?


Do you expect the GP to prescribe medication to deal with the problem, even if this may not be required?


When you speak to the GP, do you have a preference for how you are treated or helped?


Do you feel that you are able to effectively communicate your concerns/symptoms to the GP?


Please explain your answer...

Please use this section of the Questionnaire to leave any other comments you would like to make

Do you suffer with a long-term condition?


If so, in respect of your long-term condition, do you feel you are well cared for?


Would you be interested in an opportunity of meeting with individuals/groups with similar conditions?


Approximately how many years have you been attending this practice?

Are you male or female?


How old are you?


If you would like to discuss your responses in more detail, please leave your name/contact details so that we can arrange this