Patient Survey 2016

The Medical Practice wants to hear from our patients. Our aim is to provide an effective, responsive, efficient, courteous and caring service. Please take a few moments of your time to complete the survey below in order that we can further improve our services to you.

1. How easy is it to get through to someone at your GP Practice on the phone?


2. How do you normally book your appointments to see a doctor or nurse at the surgery?


3. If you need to see a GP urgently, can you normally get seen on the same day?


4. Are you usually able to see the doctor of your choice?


5. Thinking of times when you want to see a particular doctor, how quickly do you usually get seen?


6. When attending the surgery for a routine appointment, are you usually seen within 15 minutes of your appointment time?


7. How helpful do you find the receptionists at your GP Practice?


8. Which of the following additional opening hours would make it easier for you to see or speak to someone? (Please tick all boxes that apply)


9. Thinking about the care you get from the doctors and nurses overall, how well does the Practice help you to understand your health problems?


10. Overall, how would you describe your experience of your Practice?


11. Would you recommend your Practice to someone who has just moved into the area?


12. Are there any other comments or suggestions you wish to make?


13. Are you ...


14. How old are you?


15. Do you have a long-standing health condition?


16. What is your ethnic group?


17. Which of the following best describes you?


18. How do you usually get to the Practice?



19. By merging the two Practices, we believe that we can gain further improvements to the way care is delivered and may be able to provide additional services to our patients. Is this something that you would support?


20. We value your opinion and would welcome your views. Please note them below: