Radcliffe Surgery Forum (RSF) Patient Survey 2016

‘Your Voice Matters – Radcliffe Surgery Forum Listening to Patients’

Our surgery is committed to working with and listening to patients, carers and the public in our village and regularly consults with the Radcliffe Surgery Forum (RSF) which is a group of patients forming your local Patient Participation Group (PPG).

The RSF committee members are volunteers and through their various networks around the village, they listen to patients' ideas and suggestions of how to improve the patient experience at the surgery. The aim of this survey is two-fold:

  • To ascertain what more the RSF can do to listen to patients' ideas, suggestions & concerns?

  • To give you the opportunity to raise your queries & concerns and invite you to the health event: “Future of Health Care in Radcliffe” on Saturday June 18th at The Grange Hall from 10:30am to 12:30pm (refreshments provided)

1. How do you prefer to share feedback on your patient experience?


2. Which of the following options have you used to feedback on your patient experience (positive and otherwise) with this surgery? [tick as many as appropriate]


2.1 If you selected 'Other' please explain below

3. If the RSF could do one thing to improve/facilitate how it listens to patients' voices, what would you suggest?

4. At the health event, “Future of Health Care in Radcliffe” on June 18th, a panel of speakers consisting of the RSF chair person, doctors from our surgery & Rushcliffe CCG will be answering your questions: what question would you most like to ask?

5. Are you?


6. How old are you?


7. Do you have a long-standing health condition?


8. What is you ethnic group?


9. Which of the following best describes you?