Patient Survey 2016

How easy do you find it to get an appointment when you need it?


Did you ask to see a specific Doctor/Nurse?


If your answer is yes did you see that Practitioner?


If not a follow up appointment please state how long you had to wait for your appointment


Do you have any problems when communicating with the staff or Doctors/Nurses?


Are you satisfied with the treatment and service you receive at Park House Medical Centre?


Do you have any additional needs that require support? (examples: hearing or visual impairment, learning or physical difficulties, English as a second language)


If Yes are they met?


Are you a Carer? (Example: keep an eye on a relative, keep an eye on a neighbour)


Is the person a cared for patient at Park House Medical Centre?


Is the practice aware that you are a carer? (If no please contact Emma Schofield our Healthcare Assistant at the surgery)