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The Patient Participation Group Survey 2016

1. Did you know that the Surgery has a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?


2. Please tell us what you think the role of the PPG include:


3. The PPG link with other groups in the local area i.e. Link Scheme, Health Watch, Senior Citizens Forum & Leg Club at St Margaret's Hall.

Are you aware of any other local groups the PPG should liaise with?

4. Did you know the PPG hold events on health topics for patients to attend?


5. Which topics would interest you the most at one of these events?


5a. Do you have any other suggestion for health topics?

6. Would you like to be informed of the next health event?


7. Do you feel the PPG need to do more publicity about what the group does?


7a. If yes, where do you feel the best place would be?(tick as many as you feel appropriate)


8. Would you like more information about the PPG?


9. Would you be interested in joining the PPG (it is free and anyone registered at the Surgery can join)?


Other... Please state

10. To ensure a wide range of patients have completed the survey, please could you answer the following demographic questions -



Do you have any on-going health conditions? If yes, please describe below .

This survey is now closed