The Alma Partnership Patient Survey

1. Are you aware of the following health advice services (please tick all that apply)


2. Have you ever approached any of the following services for health advice before contacting your registered GP (please tick all that apply)


Over the last few months, due to a national shortage of doctors, the Alma Partnership has moved to a telephone triage system whereby patients have a telephone triage appointment with a GP followed by a face to face appointment if required. The following questions relate to the new appointment system.

3. Prior to reading the above, were you aware of the change to the appointment system?


4. Have you had a telephone consultation with a GP in this surgery? (If no, please go to question 7)


5. How satisfied were you with the outcome of the consultation?


6. If required were you offered a face to face appointment in an appropriate time frame?


Please add any comments relating to your experience below

Please provide your views about our reception services

7. Courtesy of staff at the Reception desk


8. Courtesy of staff on the telephone


Please add any other comments about our Reception Services:

Please provide your views about our doctors

9. Do you feel as involved as you want to be in respect of decisions relating to your medication?


10. Do you feel you are given answers you understand when you have a question for your doctor?


11. Do you feel our doctors treat you with dignity and respect?


12. Do you have trust and confidence in our doctors?


Please add any comments you have about our doctors:

13. What is your age range?


14. What is your gender?


15. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?


16. What is your ethnic group?