We would welcome your honest feedback on the service provided by Cloister Road surgery. Please answer ALL the questions that apply to you. There are no right or wrong answers and the practice will NOT be able to identify your individual answers. This questionnaire has been developed by the Patient Group in collaboration with Cloister Road Surgery.

Please say how far you agree or disagree with each statement.

Thank you.

The NHS Family and Friends Test

1 How likely are you to recommend this practice's service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?


About Access to Medical Care

2 Practice opening hours are satisfactory


3 I can get through to the practice easily on the telephone


4 Making an appointment is easy online


5 I can usually see a Doctor or Nurse within a reasonable time


6 I can get my usual repeat prescription within 48 hours


7 Requesting a repeat prescription is easy online


8 I know how to access care out of surgery hours


9 I have a good chance of seeing the Doctor or Nurse of my choice


About the medical care you receive from your usual Doctor, Nurse or Healthcare Assistant, or the one that you saw most recently

10 Overall, I am satisfied with the medical care I receive from this Doctor, Nurse or Healthcare Assistant


11 I feel confident about the clinical skills of this Doctor, Nurse or Healthcare Assistant


12 I feel that I am listened to


13 I am treated with respect and care


14 I feel that this Doctor, Nurse or Healthcare Assistant is concerned for me as a person


15 This Doctor, Nurse or Healthcare Assistant involves me in decisions about my care


16 This Doctor, Nurse or Healthcare Assistant gives me a reasonable amount of time


About services provided by the practice

17 Reception and clinical areas are clean and comfortable


18 Reception staff are welcoming and polite


19 Reception staff respect my privacy and confidentiality


20 The practice provides good information about its services


21 The practice provides good information about staying healthy and preventing illness


22 I feel that I have opportunities to offer suggestions, compliments or complaints about the service provided


Patient Participation (please add comments if you would like to)

23 I am already a member of the Patient Group


24 I am not a member of the Patient Group but would like to find out more


If yes, please go to the Patient Group section of this website or email heather.sillitoe@nhs.net

25 Is there ONE THING that this practice could do to improve the service to you?

26 Is there ONE THING that really impresses you about this practice?

This questionnaire is confidential and information provided cannot be used to identify you. However, it would provide us with helpful information about the range of people that have responded if you could tell us a little about yourself

27 Are you?:


28 How old are you?


29 How long have you been a patient with this practice?


Finally, thank you very much for the time you have taken to help us improve our services.